All the films are suddenly R-rated

Is Hollywood ‘suffering’ from the Deadpool effect?

Following on from the continuing success of Deadpool, which we reviewed just after it’s release, the floodgates have now opened for a whole host of R-rated comic book films.

Reports have emerged that next month’s eagerly awaited Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be given the ‘adult’ treatment come its home video release, when a new cut of the film which won’t be screened in cinemas will be released alongside the Blu-ray and DVD later this year. The cut has been rated as such for “scenes of violence” – whatever that means – but it does look like we’re finally going to be treated to the brutal, punishing cinematic version of Batman that audiences have always wanted to see, albeit not quite on the ‘big’ screen!

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine
Hugh Jackman in Wolverine

Similarly, in a move which will likely delight fans the world over, Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine in… ummm… The Wolverine will also receive the higher classification. First rumoured last week when a poster surfaced which seemed to initiate this news, THR is reporting that the certificate is due to the “level of violence (and likely language) in the script written by Michael Green”. Of course, The Wolverine will adapt the wildly popular ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline made famous in Mark Miller’s iconic comic book series, but THR is reporting that the film’s rating was targeted as R and is refuting that the success of Deadpool has absolutely nothing to do with the matter.

It seems like the days of watering down comic book adaptations is well and truly over, with lots of big-name franchises jumping on the bandwagon to portray their characters with just as much ferocity as they show in their respective comics. Since 2009’s Watchmen – interestingly directed by Batman v Superman‘s Zack Snyder – was a relative Box Office flop, studios seem to have been wary of releasing films which target this audience, instead going for the mass-market appeal which is more of a sure-fire Box Office winner. While we’re not saying that every comic book adaptation should and will be R-rated moving forwards, the stars seem to be aligning and the stigma associated with this genre slowly fading.

There’s no word yet (and, let’s face it, probably never will be!) on whether this summer’s X-Men: Apocalypse will have an upgraded or amended certification, but we here at Screening Towers are hoping that BvS‘s new cut means we’ll see an even more hardcore Suicide Squad than we’ve been promised!

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