James Bond goes rogue in new SPECTRE trailer

Get a first look at Bond’s latest assignment in new SPECTRE trailer.

The promotional push for the latest James Bond adventure, SPECTRE, is ramping up, with a new trailer launching today.

Giving us a first look at a variety of new characters, including a plethora of new Bond Girls, as well Dave Bautista’s suitably-imposing henchman, Mr. Hinx, the trailer also further teases the plot of the new film. Continuing the personal nature of Bond lore so heavily seen in 2012’s Skyfall, SPECTRE will apparently be a film very close to home for the world’s greatest secret agent.

It also seems like we’ll see plenty of homages to the Bond saga’s past films, if the trailer is anything to go by. Scenes from the film’s Day of the Dead pre-titles sequence harken back to Roger Moore’s Live and Let Die, Craig’s white tux is very reminiscent of Sean Connery’s in Dr. No and that helicopter stunt is very similar to the infamous barrel roll in The Man with the Golden Gun, no?

We’re counting down the days to SPECTRE’s now-confirmed October 26 release, now, after it claimed the #2 spot in our Screening (P)reviews… 2015 blog at the start of the year, and as big Bond fans, every tease – however small – is enough to get us itching for more! We shouldn’t have to wait too long for more, either, as director Sam Mendes has confirmed the theme tune for the new film has been recorded and will be released soon, as well as going on the record to say SPECTRE will be his last film in the Bond director’s chair.

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