Revealed: Here’s how Spider-Man enters the MCU!

We’ve finally got some more details on Spider-Man’s mysterious role in Captain America: Civil War.

What’s that, we hear you cry? You want more details on Spider-Man’s role in April’s Captain America: Civil War? Well, you’re certainly not alone, as we’re chomping at the bit for every scrap of information pertaining to Tom Holland’s new take on everyone’s favourite neighbourhood wallcrawler and today, our wish may have finally been granted. has apparently got an exclusive story on how Spider-Man will be introduced into the MCU, and it seems that he’ll be recruited into the fold by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, who promises him an all-singing, all-dancing new suit to jump into should he join the fight on his side, which corroborates a story we heard a good few months ago which suggested that audiences would see Peter Parker donning more than one Spider-Man costume in the film.

Our source told us is that Tony goes to Peter Parker specifically to recruit him, and to seal the deal, offers him an advanced Spider-suit to fight in — an upgrade from whatever 15-year-old Peter was previously slinging around in. But why would Peter even consider such an offer? “Peter started becoming Spidey because he grew up and idolized Tony,” our source revealed. Since Iron Man takes place 10 years before we meet Peter in Civil War, where Peter is 15, that means Peter was five-years-old when Tony broke onto the scene in the original Iron Man, likely dominating the news as Peter grew into a teenager.

We haven’t seen any confirmed glimpses just yet of either (or any, if there’s more than two!) suit which Holland may be wearing in Capitan America: Civil War, but it looks like Spidey fans won’t be disappointed upon the film’s release, should these rumours – and we can’t stress enough that they are just rumours at this point – pay off.

In any case, we don’t have that long to wait now, as Captain America: Civil War is released to UK cinemas on 29 April.

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