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We take a look at the films we’re most excited to see in 2015.

2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic year of films, with everything from sequels to reboots and, yes, even the odd original film in the pipeline. With the new year fast approaching, we thought we’d take a look ahead to our picks of 2015.

10. Kingsman: The Secret Service


The story of a suave, debonair, British secret agent, Kingsman: The Secret Service sees Colin Firth’s Harry Hart take newcomer Taron Egerton’s ‘Eggsy’ as his young protégé , “just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius”, or so the official synopsis tells us.

On paper, there’s very little not to like about Kingsman, especially when you take a look at the big – nay, huge – names attached to the film, who include Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Hamill, Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Jack Davenport – and we love a good spy movie just as much as the next person, so we’re calling this our pick of January 2015.

9. Mortdecai


This is a bit of a left-field choice, but when we saw a trailer for Mortdecai earlier this year, we instantly fell in love with Depp’s seemingly-lovable buffoon. For us, this one seems to read like a newer version of an old favourite of ours – Johnny English – albeit with less spies and more… umm… art, and we’re very intrigued to see it when it hits cinemas on 23 January.

Boasting an impressive supporting cast in Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Bettany, Ewan McGregor, Jeff Goldblum and one of our favourites from Aaron Sorkin’s TV drama The Newsroom, Olivia Munn, Mortdecai is definitely one to watch out for early in the new year.

8. The Fantastic Four

Bit of an unknown quantity, this, and we think it’s only really made the cut because we know so little about it. Josh Trank’s reboot of Sony’s The Fantastic Four hits cinemas on 6 August 2015 and we still haven’t got any official pictures from the film, let alone any trailers or clips.

The official summary states that it “centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy”. Colour us intrigued…

7. Ant-Man


The first of Marvel’s two cinematic releases in 2015, Ant-Man is, like Guardians of the Galaxy, one which casual cinema-goers may not be initially familiar with. Starring Paul Rudd in the title role of Scott Lang/Ant-Man, alongside Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly in supporting roles, the film sees Rudd star as a thief who obtains the “astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength”, as the official synopsis reads.

Set for release on 17 July, we’re expecting the first trailer for the film to drop in January, so watch this space!

6. The Scorch Trials


The follow-up to 2014’s surprise box office hit, The Maze Runner (which we named one of our top films of the year!), The Scorch Trials picks up where the previous film left off, with Thomas and his fellow Gladers escaping from the titular Maze of the first instalment.

Officially announced shortly after The Maze Runner was released in the UK in October, we’re looking forward to catching up with Thomas and crew again in the new year, being big fans of James Dashner’s original novels.

5. The Avengers: Age of Ultron


So, we’re not sure whether Age of Ultron will end up being titled “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble: Age of Ultron” in the UK, but what we are sure of is that we really don’t think we could be any more excited to see the follow-up to 2011’s Marvel’s Avengers Assemble right now. The first trailer was released back in October and promises to reunite Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and The Incredible Hulk, along with Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury for another outing in April 2015 – this time facing off against the malevolent Ultron.

With January reshoots confirmed and the rumour mill swirling that this could be to include an early look at Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one over the coming months, and waiting with baited breath for any early footage which is sure to be released.

4. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2


We named the first part of the finale to the hugely successful Hunger Games franchise as one of our top five films of 2014, so you shouldn’t be surprised that the second part is high on our list of must-see films for 2015. With Katniss racing towards a showdown with President Snow and a deranged Peeta having just been rescued from The Capitol, we’ll be booking our tickets early to see what could be a contender for the biggest movie of the next year.

3. Jurassic World


We covered the first trailer reveal for this back in November and it’s ranking high in our 2015 preview – Jurassic World will showcase a fully realised and operational park full of prehistoric delights, but history could be due to repeat itself for new protagonist, Chris ‘Star Lord’ Pratt, when a new dino goes on the rampage.

We’re huge fans of the original Jurassic Park – and we’re not ashamed to admit that we didn’t think the sequels were too bad, either! – so to say we’re looking forward to Jurassic World would be an understatement. With a return to Isla Nublar in store, we just hope that director Colin Trevorrow doesn’t muck up one of our favourite childhood franchises!



It’s thrilling to finally be able to attribute a proper name to the film we were previously stuck with calling Bond 24, and as it’s no secret that we’re massive Bond fans here at Screening, we toyed with awarding SPECTRE the number one spot for ages.

After the excellent Skyfall, we’re so glad to see Sam Mendes staying put in the director’s seat and, Sony hacks notwithstanding, really believe this could be another excellent instalment in the never-ending Bond franchise. We’re hoping that Ben Whishaw’s Q and the newly-appointed M (Ralph Fiennes) get some well-deserved screen time, and are excited to see what Andrew Scott’s Denbigh and Cristoph Waltz’s Oberhauser (or should that be Blofeld…?) bring to the table.

1. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Could it be anything else? After a decade away from our screens, there was only one film which could take the top spot, and that’s JJ Abrams’ latest instalment in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens. After the first trailer broke the Internet when it was released at the end of November, it was only a matter of time before the film’s promotional push got underway, with character cards and concept art making their way online through both official and unofficial sources, and more coming all the time.

With less than a year (yes, you read that correctly!) to go now until the film’s official release on 18 December 2015, we’re counting down the days until we can hear the famous Star Wars fanfare in cinemas once again. We’ve got the utmost faith in JJ and his crew, and are hanging on their every word for news of the upcoming feature. Here’s hoping we’ll get a proper look at some of the saga’s alumni in Episode VII action very soon…

So there we have it – the top ten films we’re anticipating in 2015. Are there any we’ve missed from the list, or do you agree with us every step of the way?

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