Screening Reviews… the Interstellar score

Screening Reviews… the Interstellar score

In the first of our ‘Screening Reviews…’ series, we draw our verdict on Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar score.

If you’ve taken a trip to the cinema in the past fortnight, it’s likely that you’ll have seen Christopher Nolan’s latest film since saying goodbye to his wildly popular Batman franchise, Interstellar. It’s true to say that the film itself delivers its fair share of saddening and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘WTF?’ moments, but what we here at Screening were arguably most impressed with was Hans Zimmer’s breathtaking score.

Packed to bursting with highs and lows, light and shade, as well as a pretty powerful organ, Interstellar’s score is a moving and epic journey across the stars, drawing you in with as much suction as a black hole. From the haunting beginnings of the opening track, ‘Dreaming of the Crash’, to the simple piano notes heard in ‘Message from Home’, right up to the peaks, troughs and ear-shattering crescendo of ‘Coward’ (our favourite), Zimmer’s themes here are epic, epic and more epic.

Interstellar has a rare gift of leading you into the light before quickly plunging you into darkness, twisting and turning its way through theme after theme as it roars towards a subtle and understated end. There’s spades of atmosphere and personality here, too, which is oftentimes just as comforting as it can be sinister (I’m looking at you here, opening beats of ‘Mountains’).

Our tip? Go for the film, stay for the experience, come back for the score.

The Interstellar score is available now in both digital and physical, standard and deluxe formats.

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