Star Wars trailer narrator revealed

Hitfix writer Drew McWeeny has reportedly uncovered the source of the mysterious Star Wars trailer narrator.

It’s been a mystery which has exploded across the Internet since the trailer’s debut on Friday afternoon, with names such as Max von Sydow, Adam Driver and even Benedict Cumberbatch being bandied about, but HitFix’s Drew McWeeny has apparently uncovered the man behind the voice of the first Star Wars trailer.

According to McWeeny, Andy Serkis provides the narration and while McWeeny has been unable to uncover just who Serkis is playing in the film, his unnamed source has confirmed that “he’s playing a pivotal role, although he will not have a lot of screen time”.

So let the speculation continue – could Serkis be playing a Sith Lord? Star Wars canon states there are always two Sith – a Master and an Apprentice, so could the cloaked figure we see in the trailer be one of the two? Or could he be someone else?

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