The Park is open

Two days earlier than advertised, the first full trailer for Jurassic World is live.

Maybe someone at Masrani Global pressed the button too early, but the full trailer for Jurassic World has just hit the Internet and boy, is it good!

Full of dino goodness, the Jurassic World synopsis promised to showcase a full and active Jurassic Park which previously only existed as a gleam of a dream in John Hammond’s mind’s eye and the trailer makes good on this promise – it’s a veritable SeaWorld of an attraction, albeit with less penguins and more… ummm… whatever that water-dwelling dinosaur is which we see in the trailer itself. Hey, we never professed to be experts on dinos, as well as films!

If you’re anywhere near as excited about Jurassic World as we are, you’ll definitely be wanting to click play on the trailer above.

Posted by Alex

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