The Park is (re)opening

The sequel to Jurassic World has been dated.

Not content with overthrowing Marvel’s The Avengers Assemble to become the world’s third highest-grossing film, Jurassic World continues to delight, and today, we’ve got the first official confirmation of a sequel.

Chris Pratt revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in June that he had signed on “38 movies or something” and the first of that (most likely exaggerated!) number has been given a release date of June 22, 2018.

Of course, today’s announcement comes alongside the news that Pratt will return to the role of Owen Grady, but we’ve also got word that Bryce Dallas Howard will also return, once again playing the role of Claire Dearing. In all fairness, given the ending of Jurassic World, this news isn’t surprising, but it definitely confirms that Universal Pictures are seeing the two as the new Jurassic Park dream team, rather than bringing in new lead characters to the sequels.

Colin Trevorrow, director of Jurassic World, will co-write the screenplay alongside Derek Connolly, with Steven Spielberg in the role of executive producer. It’s not yet known whether Trevorrow will return to his directorial duties.

Here at Screening, we’re HUGE fans of Jurassic World, so today’s news is certainly welcome. We’ll be booking for opening night – will you?

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