The Prometheus sequel has a name

Today’s announcement harkens back to the franchise’s roots.

Today, director of 2012’s Prometheus Ridley Scott has announced the sequel to the 2012 film will be titled Alien: Paradise Lost.

Scott announced the title in an interview with Hey U Guys where he also explains the connotations of the name:

Actually, it’s going to be called Alien: Paradise Lost, so Prometheus 2 isn’t what it’s really going to be. You know the poem? I doubt you’ve ever been through it, have you? The poem’s a book, Paradise Lost! It sounds intellectual, but there’s a similarity to it, and that’s where it stops.

Drawing on the Alien name is an interesting move for the director, who has previously said that although his saga is obviously a prequel to the original franchise, it won’t be too closely related. The gravitas of attaching the Alien name to the project seems, to us, like a marketing ploy to draw in moviegoers after the slightly lukewarm critical reaction to its predecessor.

Scott is currently promoting his new film The Martian, starring Matt Damon, and is expected to start cameras rolling in Alien: Paradise Lost next year before its on 30 May 2017. It will again star Michael Fassbender as David and Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw, although no other actors are currently attached to the film.

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