The State of Screening in 2015

Here’s a quick update on the status of Screening so far.

Since the launch of the Screening Blog back in November 2014, we’ve been hard at work crafting a beautiful new experience for you to both discover and rediscover your favourite films. As we get to the halfway point of 2015, we thought we’d give you a quick update on where we are right now, and where we’re going in the coming months.

Where are we now?

The Screening Blog has gone from strength to strength over the past months, seeing a few updates which you’ve told us have made the job of keeping up-to-date with the latest news from the Silver Screen easy and simple.

We’ve made some major updates to the visual look and feel of the blog, making article images bigger, bolder and more impactful, as well as tweaking the typography to make both longer and shorter articles more comfortable on the eyes and easier to read, regardless of whether you’re checking out the site on a mobile device or on a large desktop monitor. From the feedback we’ve had from readers, this has really made a difference to their experience, so we hope you’re finding the same.

One of the major improvements to the Blog is the inclusion of the ‘Screening Reviews…’ editorials, where we take a beat to review the latest films, as well as featured articles such as our top ten moments from the Jurassic Park saga as Jurassic World hits cinemas nationwide. ‘Screening Reviews…’ is a space for longer articles which don’t really come under the umbrella of “news”, but which we feel are just as important and welcome on the Blog as covering the latest trailer and poster releases, for example.

We’ve also integrated a little Twitter feed into sidebar on the home and category pages. It’s not a big update, but hopefully it gives you a little peek at what’s going on over on our Twitter profile, which is often the best place to hear about the latest news first, before it hits the Blog.

Where are we going?

We’ve got lots of plans for the Screening Blog over the coming months, some of which you may have already heard mention of if you’re following us on Twitter!

One of the most exciting updates is our inclusion in Apple’s new News app coming to iOS 9 when it launches later this year. We’re currently under review by Apple, but all signs are positive and we hope to be a launch parter when the new service launches on all iOS devices running iOS 9. It’ll be another place for you to get access to the Screening Blog when you’re on the go, presented in a gorgeous visual interface right on your iPhone or iPad.

We’ve also launched a new RSS Feed, if you’re into that, which you can subscribe to if you wish.

Finally, we’re busy working on the new Screening newsletter, which we’re hoping to launch very soon. The Screening newsletter will be another way for you to catch up on any news you may have missed from us during the week. Initially, we’re planning on sending the newsletter out every week, most likely on a Saturday morning, but watch this space for the latest updates on that as we get closer to launch. If you want to be one of the first to receive the newsletter, make sure you subscribe to the mailing list, which you can do quickly and easily right from the homepage.

But, what about the main website?

So, we realise we’ve been very quiet on the status of the main Screening website so far, for which we apologise. Progress is slow so far, but rest assured that it isn’t an abandoned project and is coming along nicely. It’s taking us a little longer than we hoped to get the visuals signed off and ready, but that’s only because we’re so passionate about bringing you the best experience possible. We’re adding some cool new features and concepts to the main site, which has also pushed back the launch, but please bear with us as we’re working hard to bring you some more updates and maybe even a sneak peek at some early concepts very soon.

That’s it for us just now, but we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of Screening and the Screening Blog – it’s a passion project for our creators, and one which we’ve got huge plans for. Please continue to stick with us over the coming months – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with what we have planned, and don’t forget to spread the word by following us on Twitter and telling your friends!

Posted by Alex

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